Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Business

Heard someone say my name well look what we have here edge I’m Really losing my patience with you I Kicked your ass nine ways to Sunday last week and what do you do you come out there again and keep trying to frame me for a crime I didn’t commit and why isn’t it obvious pathetic as it sounds you’re just trying to turn everyone against me so you can put the moves on Staci Well you’re the news flash for you I had nothing to do with the title going missing and Stacy will have nothing to do with you you know what.

I think I think you’re using Stacy’s interest in me as a smokescreen to cover your tracks the fact is your alibi sucks I mean as you can see even a moron like Jericho here you can see right through it hold on one second they’re jerky if you and your candy Christian when it come onto my show and play Colombo that’s one thing but you don’t come on the highlight reel and start insulting the hosts hey Jericho what do you say you and I teach these can I say it asked clowns a lesson tonight in a tag match I’d say that sounds delicious to me partner you want a piece of us well you’ve got it you’re on and if I lose I’m going to TAN what what did you Santayana.

let’s get this tag match started baby let’s see if Edge and Christian come out or we might not even have entrance I think we’ll have entrances we’ll see I’m trying to see Krishna’s entrance is he had the lit theme song with the girl singing it that’s why to Jay we’ve seen and we see me on the ad Beluga that beefcake you think Canada oh it does[Music]oh my god it’s got the rain jacket so I’m marking out right now dude as incredible I love that that awesomeness’s that is this is tier Christian right here.

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